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Get to Know the Mahre Brothers

Being better known for our accomplishments on the slopes, we felt it would be nice to give you some background information on ourselves away from the ski slopes. We are two of nine children (5 girls, 4 boys) of a close-knit family. One can imagine when and where we learned competition in a family of that size. Early on and at the dinner table!!! Here are a few photos with background to give you some insight into the lives of Phil Mahre and Steve Mahre off the ski slopes.

Click on the thumbnails below to view a larger image and the story behind the pictures.

On the ranch in Ellensburg with Dad
On the ranch in Ellensburg with Dad
Steve playing on the long planks    Phil playing on the long planks
Oh, the joy of those long planks with the turned up ends

Portrait of the Mahre Family at White Pass Ski Resort, Washington
The Mahre family

Phil and Steve Mahre - Olympic Medalists
Olympic Medalists - 1984
view their Olympic runs!

Mahre Training Center established
Mahre Training Center established

With our new passion - Trans-Am Racing Trans-Am Racing - our new passion
With our new passion - Trans-Am Racing

Waterskiing is a summer past time
Waterskiing is a summer pastime
Steve trail riding
Steve trail riding

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